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Biratnagar-11, Keseliya Road
Koshi-Morang Nepal


About Satlok Sublimation

Your Friendly Neighborhood Sublimation Store

Our Story

Satlok Sublimation- is a sublimation machine and accessories selling store started with the sole mission of offering all the sublimation machines and accessories. Over the years, we have provided sublimation machines to thousands of start-ups and businessman.

At Satlok Sublimation, we believe in quality rather than quantity. So we ensure the delivery of the highest quality of product to our customers.

In the starting years, we started from a very limited number of products and it was very difficult to sell because the bond between us and the customers was not too strong. The customers were always in dilemma about the quality of our products. But once they buy our products, they were highly positive about us and now we have over than 1000 clients providing them all the necessary equipment.

We are so thankful to all the people who showed trust in us and make our company one of the top sublimation selling companies of Nepal.

$100,000 by 2024

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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Satlok Sublimation exists to offer all the sublimation equipment at the highest value proposition. We promise you to always provide ease of ordering, low price, speed, and accuracy of delivery, as well as customer support with quality responsiveness, as on SlotoGate. We will strive to meet this goal by representing our suppliers to the market, make decisions based upon what serves our customer’s needs, and consistently improve the online buyer’s shopping experience.

Our Vision

Satlok Sublimation exists to offer its customers the best value in the gambling market by offering a low price on all the products we carry. Our goal is to provide our customers with the equipment and supplies to make them successful and to provide an avenue for growth.

Our Future

Satlok Sublimation is committed to offer customers a variety of choices in the products and equipment and buy our products whenever they are satisfied with it.

We hope to serve to our clients many years in the future. Now, we have strong partnership with such well-know companies as Amazon, SlotoGate (site with top gambling sites), JPMorgan Chase, Berkshire Hathaway, and others.




Biratnagar-11, Keseliya Road
Koshi-Morang Nepal