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Button Badge (44mm & 58mm)


Note : The given price is for a piece of badge


You have probably seen people who are wearing a big button that is obviously not part of their shirt and stands out with a graphic of some sort. This is a very practical way for people to advertise something in their clothing. The promotion of a campaign is also another important use for these badges. It can also be very useful when people are going to a convention or a large gathering. They allow people to easily tell who each person is working with and this makes it easier to start conversations with them. Think of a button badge as the most practical way to display something on your body with a message, logo or concept.

We provide 44mm and 58mm button badges of great quality.

Specifications of Button Badge:

Product Type Badge
Product Name Button Badge
Model No SS-BB44,SS-BB58
Material Steel and plastic
 Size 44mm and 58 mm
Condition New Brand
MOQ 1 piece
Color Multiple
Usage/Application Gifts, Personal use
Product includes ·         Button Badge (44mm)

·         Button Badge (56mm)



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Button Badge 44mm (3500 pcs), Button Badge 58mm(2000 pcs)


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