Chest & Shoulder Colored Polo Shirt


When you’re looking for versatile apparel pieces to include in your wardrobe rotation, check out the selection of polo shirts for men available at Satlok Sublimation. A men’s polo shirt works in a variety of settings, whether you’re spending the day on the golf course or meeting with clients in the office. We have Chest & Shoulder Colored Polo shirt available now. You can find men’s polos with designs or single-color options, making it easy to pair one with your favourite men’s jeans or pants.

At Satlok Sublimation, you have access to the men’s best polo shirts that look great and help you feel confident. Pick out a polo shirt men’s with an eye-catching design, such as a style featuring stripes, plaid, or even a floral pattern. If you prefer to blend in, try one of the neutral polo shirts men’s in black, white, or another solid color.

We have polo shirts in a variety of sizes to accommodate all body types. It’s easy to put together an outfit with one of the men’s polo button-up shirts, whether you want to go casual or look more professional.

Features of Chest & Shoulder Colored Polo Shirt

  1. The product tolerates industrial washing.
  2. The product retains its lovely color and shape after every wash.
  3. Super Lightweight and comfortable
  4. Side-split hem
  5. Suitable for all printers with sublimation inks


Product Type T-shirt
Product Name Chest & Shoulder Colored Polo shirt
Model No LS-1860
Size S/M/L
Color Mixed
Chest & Collar Color Any
Fabrics Weight 200 Gram
Material Type Cotton & Polyester Mixed
Quality High Quality
Gender Men
MOQ 5 pcs
Sleeve Style Short Sleeve
Sleeve Type Regular
Collar Style ·         Turtleneck
Decoration 1.       Can be Printed

2.       Embroidered with Custom Logo


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