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We provide high-quality Crystal Trophy at affordable prices in which you can insert the images. Glass is used as a material in these photo frames.

This Trophy measures 195 x 140 x 40 mm. The specially prepared surface makes this product perfect for sublimation image transfer processes.
The design principle is simple, fun, practical and easy to use. The material used in this is Glass. Price / pcs Available with unique shapes so that they can meet consumer tastes.

How to make images on Crystal Trophy:

  1. Print your picture on the sublimation paper, with an inkjet printer and sublimation ink.
  2. Stick the paper on the coated crystal with heat-resistant tape. (must have a coating on the crystal)
  3. Put in your 3D sublimation vacuum machine.
  4. Set time and temperature, wait for about 10 mins, a beautiful rock photo comes out.
  5. It’s good for gifts, souvenirs, home decorations etc.

Product Specifications:

Product Type Trophy
Product Name Crystal Trophy
Model No SS-CM195140 
Material Porcelain Tiles
Size 195 x 140 x 40 mm
Condition New Brand
MOQ 5 pieces
Shape Irregular
Color White Color
Style Modern
Usage/Application Decoration/Awards/Promotional Gift
Packaging type Gift Box


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site – satloksublimation.com


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