DTF Hot Melt Powder (1 kg)


DTF Powder – works with all DTF printers utilizing DTF ink and DTF Sheets or Rolls. Revolutionary Technology – DTF Powder – works with all DTF printers on the market! The process of heat transfer of textile ink to the film can be done on a variety of fabrics such as cotton and polyester. When printing using a DTF or DTG printer, you will first need to print to the DTF sheets / film. Then, add DTF powder to cover the print before curing. Wear protective masks when operating your DTF equipment and processes and operate in a well ventilated room with a filtration system.


  • Ideal for all types of heat transfer printing application
  • Excellent High Definition coverage
  • Melt Range 100 to 130 degrees Celsius evenly.
  • Excellent adhesion on 100% Cotton & Polyester.
  • Premium grade hotmelt powder.


Product Type DTF Powder
Product Name DTF Hot Melt Powder (1 kg)
Color White
Melt Point 100-130 degree celsius
Powder Size Range 80-170um
Temperature 100-140 degree
Packaging 1 kg


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