Family Globulite MDF


Hardly anyone in this world would like to lose or damage the pictures of the moments they captured. Get these Double heart MDF photo frames to keep these sweet memories from fading away and letting them stay with you till eternity.

This Family Globulite MDF Photo Frame measures 18*35*1.2 cm. The specially prepared surface makes this product perfect for sublimation image transfer processes.
The design principle is simple, fun, practical and easy to use. The material used in this is High-grade precoated MDF. Price / pcs Available with unique shapes so that they can meet consumer tastes. The process is quite easy with the sublimation method which only requires transfer paper as raw material which is printed by sublime ink. MDF = Middle-Density Fibreboard The advantages of MDF wood. MDF wood has a number of advantages. The bonding of fibers in the MDF wood planks is very strong because it is not only glued, but also pressed. Even though it is sold in large sizes, this MDF wood will not break and break as easily as other processed wood planks.

MDF Board with HD Aluminum sheet photo frame is a dye-sublimation substrate specifically designed to frame and enhance full color photographs in a unique and natural presentation,best for baby gift,wedding photos,birthday photo frame.

Features of Family Globulite MDF Photo Frame:

Eco-friendly & Terrific as a decoration.
2. Different sizes and shapes available.
3. High-quality coating surface for perfect image transferring.
4. Prompt delivery for large orders.

Product Type Photo Frame
Product Name C
Model No SSMDF- FG
Size  22*35*1.2 cm
Weight 0.6 kg
Condition New Brand
MOQ 10 pieces
Material Globulite MDF & Aluminum
Usage/Application Home, Office, Birthdays, Anniversaries

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