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Light Fabric Heat Transfer Paper A4



Light Fabric Heat transfer paper is suitable for transferring images onto light-colored cotton or cotton-mixed white fabrics. It is printed with common color inkjet printers using water-based ink.

Features of Light Fabric Heat Transfer Paper

  • Transfer peels off easily hot or after cooling 
  • ·Washable up to textile professional standard
  • Minimum ink-bleed on base paper to give high color intensity on transfer.
  • Short drying time to achieve a high transfer rate.

Product Detailed Specifications

Product Type Heat Transfer Paper
Product Name Light Cotton Fabric Heat Transfer Paper
Color White
Model No SS-LCFA4
Size A4
Packing 60 Sheets/pack
Weight 2 Kg
Compatible Inject Printer
Transfer Rate 99.975%
Quality High
MOQ 60 Sheets
Machine Usage ·         Applicability for Light cotton fabric Printing
Product Include 1.       Light Cotton Fabric Heat Transfer Paper

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