LOVE Shape Globulite MDF Photo Frame


This LOVE Shape Globulite MDF Photo Frame measures 20.5*40*1.2 cm. The specially prepared surface makes this product perfect for sublimation image transfer processes.
The design principle is simple, fun, practical and easy to use. The material used in this is High-grade precoated MDF. Price / pcs Available with unique shapes so that they can meet consumer tastes. The process is quite easy with the sublimation method which only requires transfer paper as raw material which is printed by sublime ink. MDF = Middle-Density Fibreboard The advantages of MDF wood. MDF wood has a number of advantages. The bonding of fibers in the MDF wood planks is very strong because it is not only glued, but also pressed. Even though it is sold in large sizes, this MDF wood will not break and break as easily as other processed wood planks.

our photo and caption printed to make a beautiful MDF wooden photo cut-out frame.
Beautiful reproduction of your photos. Photos need to be adjusted in the letter so there are always chances of photos getting cropped.


Material: High-grade precoated MDF

Size : 20.5*40*1.2 cm Printing Size : 19.5*17.5 cm
Care:  Dust it with a soft cloth.
Product Type Photo Frame
Product Name LOVE Shape Globulite MDF Photo Frame
Size 20.5*40*1.2 cm
Printable Size 19.5*17.5 cm
Weight 275 grams
Condition New Brand
MOQ 10 pieces
Shape Heart Shape
Material High-grade precoated MDF
Usage/Application Home, Office, Birthdays, Anniversaries


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