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Magic Mug 11OZ Color Changing Mug



Sublimation color-changing mugs also called the magic cup. Pour hot water in the mug, the mug body will change color. Before changing color, the color of the surface is black. When it changes, the hidden pictures on the cup body surface will appear.

You can use these awesome magical mugs for any occasion or event. Make your family and friends spend every moment with that mug whenever a hidden photo is revealed. Delight them with magic! Choose your own text and design and make it a personalized one!

Create a personalized mug for your loved ones. Our photo mugs are the perfect way to showcase your images that is sure to touch the heart of your loved ones.

Features of Magic Mug

  • International standard size
  • Magic cup uses heat-sensitive color-changing ink that changes color when hot beverages are poured into the mug.
  • Printing images would be seen gradually when put hot water into the mug.
  • Full cup body can change color except for the handle.


Product Specifications:

Product Type Coffee Mug
Product Name Magic Mug 11oz Color Changing Mug
Model No SS-MM11
Material Ceramic
Design Customized Design
Handle Round Handle
Capacity 11oz
Condition New Brand
MOQ 36 pieces
Size 8.2*9.5 cm
Packaging Type Cartoon
Usage ·         Promotional Gift

·         Business Branding

·         Birthday Gift

·         Valentines Gift

·         Anniversary Gift

Product Include 1.       Magic Mug



For more information

Fb page – https://www.facebook.com/satloksublimation

site – satloksublimation.com


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