Mug & Bottle Heating Pad

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This mug & bottle heating pad is used with mug heat press machine. And it’s an important part of the mug machine.
Without it, you can’t heat press the mug. One mug heat press machine is compatible with variety of digital mug pads.

1. Light weight.
2. Durable and save operation.
3. The electronic equipment control the time, denote the singal when finish.
4. Adjust the pressure anytime, convenient, fast.


Product Specifications

Product Type  Heating Pad 
Product Name  Mug & Bottle Heating Pad
Size 3oz,6oz,9oz,9z (for water botle),11oz,12oz,15oz,17oz
Temperature 200 degree
Color  Multicolor
Usage/Application   Mug and bottle printing
Product includes  ·    Heating Pad 


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3oz, 6oz, 9oz, 9oz(for water bottle), 11oz, 12oz, 15oz, 17oz


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