Square Glass with round clock face


High hardness and textured surface square glass with round clock face are multifunctional, which can be used by yourself and given to others as a characteristic gift. This personalized & outstanding photo rock is perfect for decoration at home or office, the best choice as a gift for friends & the beloved person as well.

Features of Square Glass with Round Clock Face:

  1. Eco-friendly & Terrific as a decoration.
  2. Different sizes and shapes available.
  3. High-quality coating surface for prefect image transferring.
  4. Prompt delivery for large orders.

Product Specifications:

Product Type  Clock 
Product Name  Square Glass Round clock 
Model No  SS-GCS01 
Material  Tempered Glass 
Size  200 x 200 x 5 mm 
Condition  New Brand 
MOQ  5 pieces 
Shape  Square Glass, Round clock
Style  Modern 
Usage/Application  Gift, House product 
Packaging type   Packaging Bag 


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