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Sublimation Epson Printer L1800 (6 color + A3 Size)



Sublimation Epson Printer L1800 consists of 6 colors. A compact six-color A3 printer for cost-conscious homes and offices, the L1800 prints photos in around 191 seconds1. Its high-capacity ink tank system allows it to print 1,500 photoswithout a refill. With minimal intervention, it delivers cost-effective and hassle-free printing of photos and color documents for homes, photographers and offices wanting to print in high volumes.

An integrated ultra-high-capacity ink tank system makes the L1800 perfect for heavy use where achieving a low cost per photo or colour page is important. Ideal for homes and small offices wanting to print photos and color documents in high volumes, the L1800 includes six high-capacity 70ml ink bottles.


  • Prints photos in around 191 seconds
  • Cost-effective and hassle-free printing
  • Ideal for homes and small offices


Product Detailed Specifications

Product Type Inject Printer
Product Name Sublimation Epson Printer L1800


Model No SS-EL1800
Color Black
Warranty 1 Year
Working Temperature 10-35oc
Interface USB
Weight 12.5 Kg
Voltage 220 V
Printing Size A3/A4
Ink Color C/M/Y/BK/LC/LM
Ink Type Sublimation ink and others, Dye Ink,
Printing Speed 15 pages/minute
Printing Resolution 5,760 x 1,440 DPI
Dimensions (L*W*H) 705 x 322 x 215 mm
After Sales Service & Support Online Video Technical Support
Condition New Brand
MOQ 1 piece
Packaging Type Foam Inside Cartoon Outside
Machine Usage ·         Paper Printer
Product Include 1.       Sublimation Epson Printer L1800



How To Use:

  • Take a digital photo.
  • Print photo on pen transfer paper with your LED Laser printer.
  • Set temperature.
  • Set time.
  • Put the pen transfer paper on the appropriate size pens.
  • Your customized gift is done! Very Simple!

For more information

Fb page – https://www.facebook.com/satloksublimation

site – satloksublimation.com


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