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Sublimation Epson Printer L3110 (4 color + A4 Size)



Epson Printer L3110 (4 color + A4 Size)

This printer is excellent for sublimation printing when set up correctly and used with good quality ink. We will give you the settings to use for the paper, speed and color management etc. in the box with this bundle. This is the EcoTank printer so it takes the whole 400ml of ink in one go, 100ml of each color CMYK. This printer will do roughly 6000 or so prints from one set of ink and when used with our color profile you will get perfect colors too.

This printer has the added benefit of:

  • Scanner, copier, all-in-one
  • Wireless function (WiFi)
  • Easy fill Ecotank system


The main attraction of this printer is the Ecotank facility and high ink capacity.

No annoying regular “ink empty” messages will stop you from printing using this system, meaning you can fill up the paper feed and just leave it printing, the printer won’t stop printing as long as it has ink in the tank and paper in the feed.

Product Specifications

Product Type  Inject Printer 
Product Name  Sublimation Epson Printer L3110 
Model No  SS-EL3110 
Color  Black 
Size  21.5*11.4*7.4 
Warranty  1 Year 
Weight  3.7 Kg 
Voltage  220 V 
Printing Size  A4 
Ink Color  C/M/Y/K 
Ink Type  Sublimation ink and others, Dye Ink, Pigment Ink 
After Sales Service & Support  Online Video Technical Support 
Condition  New Brand 
MOQ  1 piece 
Packaging Type  Foam Inside Cartoon Outside 
Machine Usage  ·         Paper Printer 
Product Include  1.       Sublimation Epson Printer L3110 


For more information

Fb page – https://www.facebook.com/satloksublimation

site – satloksublimation.com


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