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Sublimation Kids Cap



Sublimation Kids Cap gives you the creative freedom to create bold designs in vivid colors that will showcase your company. With sublimation, you can take any digital image, no matter the size or array of colors, and apply it directly to your product.

This cap can transfer any photos you like and widely used as gifts, promotion activity, souvenir, etc. These caps can also be used for gifting on a baby birthday or any other occasion with images.

Making Process Of Sublimation Kids Cap

  1. Get images from a digital camera, memory card, or scanner.
  2. Print image with heat transfer paper and sublimation ink
  3. Stick the imaged paper facing down with the sublimation Cap surface by heat-resistant tape.
  4. Use the heat press machine to transfer the image onto the sublimation Cap.
  5. After transfer, tear off the image paper.
  6. Enjoy your personal designed sublimation Cap


Detailed Specifications

Product Type Sublimation Cap
Product Name Sublimation Kids Cap
Model No SSCK-002
Color Black, White, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Pink, Light Pink, Brown, Yellow, Purple, Orange
Printable Size 12 x 10cm
Weight 120 Gram
Condition New Brand
MOQ 10 pieces
Material Type Cotton & Polyester
Washable Yes


For more information

Fb page – https://www.facebook.com/satloksublimation

site – satloksublimation.com


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